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There aren’t that many joys in life that can beat a spontaneous weekend trip. However, there are quite a few things that can spoil it, one of them being the dreaded packing.

If packing for a weekend trip seems like five levels up your current packing skills – I feel you. It almost seems impossible to pack for a two-night stay, sort of like cooking for three people – you never get anything right, and you either always end up with an awkward amount of leftovers or someone goes home hungry.

Well, not anymore. I’m here to inform you that I’ve come up with a fail-proof packing list for a weekend trip. Yes, you’ve read it right – someone slightly better at packing than you came up with a list and you never, ever have to think twice about what to take on your next weekend getaway.

But, before I just hand you the list, there are a couple of things I’d like to go over.

The first of which being the bag you’ll pack in. Your packing for a weekend trip will almost entirely be determined by the type of luggage you choose. When it comes to bag size – my advice is to go as small as you possibly can. To a true fashionista, a vintage leather suitcase might seem like an excellent choice for a weekend in the country. But, unless you’re a pretty strong fashionista and don’t mind breaking your back by carrying said 50-pound vintage leather suitcase – I suggest you skip the chic and go for something a bit more uneventful, such as a medium canvas bag.

Another important thing to remember when it comes to packing for a weekend trip is that toiletries are the enemy. Even if your weekend trip involves dirt biking, stable cleaning and mud wrestling, chances are you won’t take more than three showers. So, bring only a few miniature bottles of the bare necessities, and you won’t have any problems fitting five different outfits into a weekend bag.

And now – the packing list. Learn it by heart so you can customize it according to the weather you’ll be facing and the activities you’ll be participating in.

Weekend trip packing list

  • Bras, socks, and underwear

A two-night stay doesn’t call for more than three pairs of underwear, and you can probably go by with just one bra if you’re not a big sweater.

Bring a pair of socks for each day, even if you’ll be wearing sandals, because nobody has ever said the words “I wish I hadn’t brought that extra pair of socks.”

Side note: stockings take up zero space, so cram them in the bag as well if you’re planning on wearing a dress or a skirt.

  • A makeup and toiletry bag

Bring only a few products in travel-sized bottles – shampoo, shower gel, body lotion. That’s all you’ll need for two days worth of showers.

As for makeup – foundation with an SPF, mascara, and lipstick should do the trick. Remember – nobody will notice you’re wearing your gigantic $40 bronzer on your pictures.

  • A pouch for all your electronics

Find a small pouch or use a cloth bag to store all of your chargers and electronics such as a laptop, e-reader, camera, etc. If you group them together, you’ll never lose sight of them, and you can fit them in the spaces between your clothes.

  • Light capris

White or tan capris are a pretty versatile pant – you can wear them with sneakers or flats for a comfy, casual look, or dress them up with a sparkly top and heels for a Saturday night out.

  • A flowy skirt

Who wears skirts anymore, you might be wondering? Well, a skirt combines the versatility of pants with the femininity of a dress while being an incredibly comfortable piece of clothing.

Go with a light, flowy skirt in a neutral color that’s easy to combine, such as beige, rose or gray.

  • A T-shirt

A plain cotton T-shirt can go a long way if you know how to style it. You can wear it with capris and sneakers for a casual walk, pair it with a flowy skirt and sandals for Sunday brunch, or layer it with a sweater or a cardigan if the evenings get chilly.

  • A fancy top

Bring a satin blouse or a sparkly tunic you can use to dress up your bottoms. Wear it with capris on Friday night, and pair it with the skirt for a fancy Saturday dinner date.

  • A sweater

Even if you’re sure the weather will be on your side the entire weekend, don’t forget to bring a light sweater. Go for a one that’s made from cotton and pairs well with the rest of your clothes.

You can put it on over a t-shirt or a shirt to avoid taking your jacket on and off all the time or wear it as it is with a skirt, for a chic afternoon look.

  • A jacket

When deciding on what kind of jacket to pack for your weekend trip, there’s only two viable choices – leather or denim. Suede, down, puffer, parka, waxed, you name it – none of them will do you any good.

One of the great benefits of leather jackets is that they’re appropriate almost anywhere. You can wear them with jeans and sneakers as well as with a sparkly dress and heels.

Denim is not that versatile but is also a great option if you’re not planning on going to a black-tie event.

  • Sneakers

You can forget all about diamonds because sneakers are a girl’s best friend now. Don’t even think of going away for the weekend without a pair of fashionable, designer sneakers. Go with a pair that’s more dressy than casual, so they don’t look out of place even with a skirt or a blouse.

  • Ballet flats

Ballet flats are everything s girl should want from a shoe – feminine, versatile, comfortable and fashionable. Get a flexible pair that’s easy to fold and doesn’t take up much space. That way, you can carry them in your purse and have a first-aid kit at your fingertips if your heels betray during a night out.


  • Heels

If you’re not planning on going to a fine dining establishment or clubbing, heels are optional. Save them for the end of your packing in case you run out of space because they can take up a lot of room in your bag, especially stilettos and wedges.

  • A blazer

Same goes as with heels – skip it if you’re not absolutely sure you’ll need it. It will never survive the trip unwrinkled, but it can be an excellent way to make almost any outfit business-appropriate. You can also throw it over a sweater if you want to look extra preppy for Sunday brunch.

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